About Gossip Lolly


What’s Your Gossip Lolly?

Gossip Lolly News Sweets is the freshest site on the Internet and here’s why… we are a sweet mixture of daftness, realness and anything in-between as long as it’s giggle-inducing and neighbourhood friendly then it’s on the menu. One man’s nonsense is another man’s awesomeness after all.

We’re on a mission to dazzle you with our intellect – that we’ve hijacked by cutting and pasting other people’s hard graft, but at least we’re honest and saving on plane tickets and jet fuel is eco-friendly. The planet is worth more than our integrity!

Suck on the facts, fiction and fake news with Gossip Lolly News Sweets. #GossipLolly  Taste the truth! 

So Tell Me – What’s a Gossip Lolly?

A Gossip Lolly is a little nugget of news or a question to suck on or answer. You can find, collect or dish out gossip lollies, but be sure to let us know if you have the good fortune to stumble across a life-changing lollipop of epic ingredients. They are what dreams are made of, but stay staunch and you shall be rewarded.

Our Perfect Follower

We welcome anyone, but our perfect follower is a loud-mouthed know all who likes to be heard in the comments. We’re all about feedback and embracing what the community has to say. That isn’t a licence to troll people, however.

What We are About:

  • Telling the truth.
  • Telling lies.
  • Combining the two into true lies.

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