Aim to Celebrate World Vegan Day 2022

Every year on November 1st, World Vegan Day is celebrated every year across the world. World Vegan Day is dedicated to vegetarianism, in which even dairy products are not used in food.

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Vegan is a vegetarian diet in which people do not use dairy products. In this, only products obtained from plants can be eaten. In the last decade, people’s inclination towards this lifestyle has increased all over the world. However, being vegan is a bit different from being vegetarian or it can also be said that there is another form of being vegetarian.

There is an increasing trend of people all over the world towards vegetarianism. In the last three years, the population of many countries has adopted it. According to a global survey conducted by Statista, the number of vegetarians in America has increased the most.

This trend is also increasing in European countries. On the other hand, countries like India and China have registered a decline in vegetarianism. According to the report, even though this trend has increased for reasons such as protecting natural resources, it will lead to a huge reduction in carbon emissions along with health benefits.

History of World Vegan Day

Vegetarianism is being adopted in ancient Indian Culture for centuries. It is said that from the beginning of human civilization, vegetarianism was adopted in ancient India. Vegetarianism is mentioned in writing by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras as early as 500 BC. This is the same Pythagoras who gave the Pythagorean theorem.

The idea of ​​a vegan diet is first recorded in the statement of Dr. William Lambe in London, England. Dr. Lambe was the first European to be particularly active in telling people about the health benefits of vegetarianism.

In 1847, 150 people formed the Vegan Group in England, and in 1850 it became a society in the U.K.

In 1944, the word vegan was included in the Oxford English Dictionary. In 1988, the Vegan Society made a statement that a vegan is one who does not exploit animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose.

The first World Vegan Day was celebrated in 1994 to mark the 50th anniversary of the UK Vegan Society.

Revenge Diet to Save the Environment

Over the course of three years, vegetarianism has become more and more served in the US, UK, Germany, and South Africa. Two percent of the US population follows a vegan diet. People here have started to take an interest in vegetarianism for the purpose of staying healthy and losing weight.

Similarly, 8.8 million people in the UK are considering switching to vegetarianism by the end of the year. Among them, the number of youth is greater. People in Germany are environmentally conscious, so vegetarianism has been given priority here for many years.

Celebrities are telling the benefits of a Vegan Diet

The world is amazed by the benefits of vegetarianism. This trend has also increased in South Korea, which is famous worldwide for its barbecue. Many celebrities follow the vegan lifestyle, and from time to time, share its benefits on social media platforms.

International stars such as musician Mabby, actor Joaquin Phoenix, and singer Billie Eilish have all embraced vegetarianism. There are also some influencers on social media who are using networks like Instagram and YouTube to take the vegan message to the masses with their millions of followers. That is why in South Korea, local people as well as companies and governments have started paying special attention to it. At the same time, countries, where vegetarianism has decreased, include Mexico, Brazil, and Spain.

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