Life on Mars – Are Aliens Real?

Allegations that there was life on Mars many years ago before the planet became inhabitable cannot be ignored in modern science. Are aliens real? That is the billion-dollar question. Surprisingly, some people claim that the planet now hosts human-like creatures called aliens.

The question about life on Mars and if aliens are real has been a hotly debated topic by a wide range of people from all walks of life. Scholars, astronauts, and scientists have not been left behind in trying to answer this provocative question.

Are Aliens Real

Many People Believe Aliens Are Real

There are those who believe there was life on Mars and that aliens are real. On the other hand, there are those who hold a contrary opinion disputing the existence of aliens and life on Mars. Subsequently, this has confused the layperson even more because they do not know what to believe and what to doubt.

Ordinary people are confused. They don’t know what to believe.

Are Aliens Real

Life on Mars is Open to Debate

The fact of the matter is, there is no, mark the word NO, scientific evidence to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that there is life on Mars or that aliens do exist. Therefore, efforts to prove this theory correct are yet to bear any fruits and it is still early to make conclusions. Otherwise, the whole thing remains mythical. Alternatively, should we say it is a matter of faith? Yes. 4

It depends on what someone believes or wants to believe as the truth. If someone believes there is life on Mars and aliens are real, then it becomes difficult to prove them wrong without providing tangible evidence. More so, many stories have been told in the past decades about the existence of aliens that have confused ordinary people and it is difficult to change their minds.

Are Aliens Real? Science Has yet to Prove it!

Unbelievably, reputable authorities such as NASA have shown interest in matters to do with life on Mars and the existence of aliens. Several studies about UFOs and other matters linked to the red planet and the existence of aliens have been conducted lately to clear the existing doubts.

However, the fact remains that there is no adequate evidence to prove that aliens are real and they have been living on Mars previously or at this moment in time. This is irrespective of the numerous claims by people who have said to have seen aliens and theories that try to prove there is life on Mars.

Some people have claimed to have seen UFOs that look like alien craft, but it is difficult to attest to such claims. Remember the truth is what someone believes or supports what he/she believes to be the truth. Maybe those people saw something else and assumed it was aliens. It’s easy to make a mistake, after all.

Mars Rover landing

It’s misleading to say that Aliens live on Mars without gathering more facts

The questions that we should be asking ourselves before making conclusions are: how can someone know an alien if no one has ever seen one? How do you even know what it looks like? What are the characteristics of aliens if they really exist? Since no one can answer these questions, then the whole issue is a matter of faith. From a scientific point of view, it is yet to be concluded that indeed there was life on Mars in the past. Therefore, it is misleading to say that aliens live on Mars without gathering adequate facts.

Recent Allegations Have Only Confused Matters

The most confusing findings are the recent allegations that NASA has found some proof that there is life on Mars and aliens are real. Seriously? How true is that? For the record, NASA has never made such discoveries. Those spreading such propaganda have just quoted NASA out of context to achieve their own goals. Publishing fake news about purported unique findings does not make that news true in any way. This is actually, what many websites have done to entice readers and attract traffic.

Those spreading false rumors that NASA has made some discoveries to prove there is life on Mars and aliens exist are just misleading their readers. What NASA said was that they had made tremendous efforts and believed they were likely to make some discoveries very soon. So far, they have not provided any new evidence to clear up the doubts about life on Mars and whether aliens are real or not.

Fake Alien Autopsy was a classic example of how the truth is twisted to suit people’s selfish needs.

Meteor  Impacts on Mars May Have Destroyed Evidence of Life

There are so many missions taking place. Others are planned to take place in the near future to establish the possibility of having life on Mars and whether aliens are real. Although this is a clear indication that we are closer than ever to getting some answers to some questions about other planets, it is not clear how soon this will be.

It could be a few years to come or several decades of waiting. The fact that we are optimistic that there could be life on another planet, other than earth, and aliens could be living there does not mean we have the right to mislead the majority of us who have no clue about the ongoing missions to unveil the truth.

We need to keep an open mind, but remain cautious in order to prevent false alarms

Life on Mars – Bacteria in our Backyard

By the way, it is too early to make conclusions about the expected findings by NASA. They have misled us on several occasions in the past. Do you remember their findings of the weird bacteria in our backyard that was alleged to use arsenic in its DNA instead of phosphorous? Were these findings not debunked later? Of course, it is too early to make conclusions and we need to have our doubts about what NASA says concerning their expected findings.

When you look at the new studies about life on Mars, it is still difficult to say with certainty that there is life on Mars. First, the Curiosity rover, which is used to study minerals and rocks found on Mars can only detect bio-markers and not whether there is life or no life on Mars. Similarly, the Curiosity rover has no ability to tell if aliens are found on Mars.

Additionally, the fact that scientists have detected things like water, oxygen, and other life-supporting molecules in distant planets is not adequate justification that some things live there. If they do, which we should highly doubt, then how do we know if they are aliens? Are we that nave to make such conclusions without adequate evidence in the 21st century?

Hubble Has Helped in the Quest to See if Aliens Are Real

Are Aliens Real?

This was the closest Mars has been to Earth in over 60,000 years!

Did You Ask Yourself: Are Aliens Real?

We’d hazard a guess that you either enjoy asking that eternal question – are aliens real – or you’re a serious UFO watcher that is awaiting the day of reckoning when they come to visit us. Let us know in the comments what you think on the matter. Will they treat us nicely or are we all doomed when the grays or greens visit? Only time will tell.

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