Are Ghosts Real? Only Idiots Think So!

It’s been on the tips of tongues for millennia, hasn’t it? Are ghosts real? Good question, my friend. Even for a skeptic like me, a semi-sane ordinary dude, I have to admit that if ghosts were real, it would be absolutely amazing. 

Quick answer, though, they aren’t. They’re makebelieve, just like God. 

There are plenty of reasons why people seem to think otherwise. You’ve probably heard about the fight or flight mechanism that has kept us alive on the planes of Africa for millions of years. That rustle in the bush might be a lion or a canary. If you run off and it’s a canary you live to tell your friends about it. Stand there and it’s not a canary, but a lion then you’re ruined. You won’t be able to tell anyone about getting eaten alive, because you’ll be a pile of bones on the savannah. 

It’s endless confrontations like these that altered our brains and kept us alive. That’s no doubt positive. What isn’t so positive is this; it also ensured our imagination went past the point of being helpful. 

Our Minds Started to Wander

Yes, I know this is supposed to be about ghosts, but hang on for a second. We need a short history lesson. So we were running about Africa with these huge brains and our brand-new capacity to imagine. Wow. This must have been great. We could visualize what was and wasn’t. 

We could design new tools. Think how a new cave painting would be before we started it and so on.

It also gives us the ability to bullshit, pardon my French.

Yes, it also gave us the tool of storytelling, which is again a useful tool to pass down knowledge of watering holes and other important stuff before Google maps. This kept us alive.

Telling silly tales of imaginary Gods and ghosts doesn’t keep us alive, but it is entertaining for many people.

Ghosts Should Stay in Films

So back to my original question: are ghosts real? Well according to my best friend. His Uncle saw a ghost in his bedroom so of course ghosts must be real. Although I was about six at the time, I don’t think I believed it to be true. Now I’m eight times six, I still don’t believe it to be true. No doubt, my friend doesn’t believe it either.

Uncle had obviously been watching far too many films or drinking one too many brandies. Mind, you, videos had just come out back then in the 1970s and Uncle was probably watching a few horrors he rented from the video shop. Gawd, video shops, haven’t heard about one of those for a while.

The Real Evidence for Ghosts

We all know that for something to be real or proven to be factual, it has to pass the science test. Ghosts fail miserably on this count. You see it’s as simple as this. Living things stay alive because they pass on information and energy. Life needs an energy source and then instructions from DNA, among other things, to arrange itself into a living organism.

How can a ghost do this when it’s, not only dead but doesn’t have a body or anything solid or living to store energy? Clearly, it can’t. This is why ghosts don’t just fail the science test, they are so bad they can’t even get a foot on the ladder.

Life After Death – Souls Don’t Survive

Let’s be honest, how dumb do you have to be to believe your soul lives on after death? Do you really want to believe such crap? If so you’re in the same bracket as those Islamic State thugs that dream about the virgins in paradise. Those imaginary virgins, haha!

Why would God give you all those luxuries after death? What a dumb God. Surely he would have the sense to give you all the joys while still living.

It’s like saying, right son, wait till you pass your driving test. Awe, no hang on. Wait a minute. Don’t get a car when you’re seventeen. Wait till you’re dead and we’ll get a new car then. The full family will be dead too so we’ll all be able to use it. 🙂

Ghostly Science Facts

Let me break it down for you, the Gossip Lolly way. We are just a combination of chemicals, put together in an extremely sophisticated way. This is what makes us the person we are today.

You eat food and your body replaces and recycles nutrients. Some are quicker than others. Air is turned over swiftly in our lungs, whereas blood is longer and bones longer again. You get the idea. 

As well as all those micronutrients, we are who we are due to our DNA. It’s the recipe if you like, that makes us different from our parents and our friends.

The point I’m making is this: food might be part of our body for a length of time, but it doesn’t really alter who we are significant. It’s our thoughts that are really who we are. The information in our brain from a lifetime of living is what gives us our qualities, both good and bad. 

If I jumped into an incinerator right now, every single piece of me would be burnt to a crisp. There would be literally nothing left apart from a few ashes.

There wouldn’t be a soul or a ghost left over, would there? My spirit wouldn’t be floating around. The information that is my thoughts needs my body to work and function correctly. Just in the same way words need to be in a book so that people can read them. Burn the book and the words are gone, too.

The Soul or Spirit of a Dead Person

Like I said at the beginning, if ghosts were real it would be amazing. Unfortunately, they aren’t. They’re nothing more than the figment of our imagination. 

Whenever there is a famous murder, there are usually hundreds of psychics who claim to speak to the dead and contact the police and family. Yet not one has proven that they are speaking the truth. Not one out of thousands worldwide has been able to prove that they are genuine. 

Doesn’t concrete proof such as this tell you what is fact and what is fiction? 

I don’t hate religion or the psychic community as such, what I can’t stand is untruths, and it is these areas of society that have a huge following without any valid reason. Not one iota of solid evidence has been shown, yet people still believe. Sadly, people will believe anything, and that to me is madness.

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