Are Ghosts Real? Only Idiots Think So!

Are Ghosts Real

It’s been on the tips of tongues for millennia, hasn’t it? Are ghosts real? Good question, my friend. Even for a skeptic like me, a semi-sane ordinary dude, I have to admit that if ghosts were real, it would be absolutely amazing.  Quick answer, though, they aren’t. They’re makebelieve, just like God.  There are plenty of reasons … Read more

20 Shocking Facts About Deforestation

20 Shocking Facts About Deforestation

It’s common knowledge that the rainforests are being pillaged at an alarming rate. This collection of 20 shocking facts about deforestation will rattle you to the core. How is it possible that mankind can get away with such heinous crimes? They’re not just trees, the rainforests are the lungs of the world. The Amazon rainforest is home to thousands of species, … Read more

How Science Debunks Religion


People like to name drop, it’s human nature. My dad’s bigger than your dad. So what, my football team is better than yours. Who cares? James Tour is on my team. Beat that atheist! You get the picture, atheists will hold up the wisdom of Richard Dawkins, whereas theologians use their poster boys to score points on an Internet … Read more

Surprising Benefits of Hugging

Stress Reducing Power of Hugging

Stress Reducing Power of Hugging – If someone hugs you in a difficult or bad situation, then the Stress is felt less. Research suggests that if this happens with women, then it is more effective in women than men. Stress or Tension is related to a hormone called cortisol. When you hug someone, you are … Read more

Director James Gunn marries Jennifer Holland in an outdoor ceremony After 7 years of Dating

James Gunn marries Jennifer Holland

Film producer James Gunn and actress Jennifer Hollande got married last week. Newly married couple share their wedding photos on social media on Friday. Actress Jennifer Hollande and filmmaker James Gunn recently tied the knot in a private ceremony. James Gunn posted the wedding photos on Instagram on Friday evening and revealed that the Marvel … Read more

Emily Ratajkowski wears Canadian jumpsuit with nothing underneath.

Emily Ratajkowski at Paris Fashio Week

Emily Ratajkowski’s style also keeps her in limelight. On 30 September Ratajkowski was spotted in Paris Fashion Week. Seeing her dressing style made her fans’ day. 31-year-old Emily was seen in the hottest look in the whole of Paris. She wore baggy jeans and a sexy unbuttoned denim jacket.The Actress and Model Emily kept accessories … Read more