Emily Ratajkowski wears Canadian jumpsuit with nothing underneath.

Emily Ratajkowski at Paris Fashio Week

Emily Ratajkowski’s style also keeps her in limelight. On 30 September Ratajkowski was spotted in Paris Fashion Week. Seeing her dressing style made her fans’ day. 31-year-old Emily was seen in the hottest look in the whole of Paris. She wore baggy jeans and a sexy unbuttoned denim jacket.The Actress and Model Emily kept accessories … Read more

To look hot, Kim Kardashian wore such a dress, it was difficult to move; jumped upstairs

kim kardashian silver gown

Kim Kardashian Dress Struggle: Recently, a video of Hollywood’s famous actress Kim Kardashian is viral on social media, in which she is seen struggling a lot in her hot dress. Some people are also trolling after watching this video of her. Often actresses do a lot to make themselves look hot and beautiful. Sometimes they … Read more