Human Barbie Doll – Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova

Human Barbie Doll

Precious, Pretty, and Partially Plastic  The Human Barbie Doll is a fascinating real-life tale, and the facts are stranger than fiction. And she didn’t come off the Mattel production line, either. Let us explain… Barbie Dolls are what young girls’ dreams are made of, especially in the West, and they adorn the bedrooms of many a wannabe fashionista. … Read more

Surprising Benefits of Hugging

Stress Reducing Power of Hugging

Stress Reducing Power of Hugging – If someone hugs you in a difficult or bad situation, then the Stress is felt less. Research suggests that if this happens with women, then it is more effective in women than men. Stress or Tension is related to a hormone called cortisol. When you hug someone, you are … Read more