God is Impossible

Every day I watch YouTube, as my life depends on it. Facebook has been long forgotten. At least with YouTube, I can learn something more important than what my friends had for tea.

Every now and then I head to the atheist’s corner to see Christopher Hitchens debating famous Theologians

It’s at such thought-provoking times that my atheism piques and new questions are asked and answered. This is what made me realize one blatantly obvious reason why God isn’t real. In fact, it dawned on me that God is impossible for this reason alone.

The World’s Greatest Atheist

How it saddens me that a speaker like Hitchens, the world’s greatest atheist was taken from us far too soon.

It’s even worse that I didn’t pay much attention to Hitch while he was alive, only coming across his greatness afterward. Better late than never, eh?

May his YouTube videos live on educating and humoring the great unwashed.

Madonna Said it Best

You no doubt remember the old Madonna song – Material World. Well last time I checked, every aspect of life on Earth involves matter. Might sound like an obvious statement, but let me explain.

The matter is at the heart of life on Earth. From the very first rays of sunlight that take eight-or-so minutes to travel from the sun, the particles of prosperity that kickstart everything we do. They warm the soil that our food grows in and so on. Further up the food chain, you have the fauna and flora that cover land and sea. Endless reactions and interactions, both large and small.

On a totally different scale, the space vehicles that we send on billion-mile journeys are controlled by radio waves. As thin as waves are they’re still made from minute particles.

In fact, there isn’t a single example in the Universe that I can think of that doesn’t involve matter. If we aren’t talking about the matter we aren’t talking about anything.

Where Does God Fit In?

The point I’m getting at is this: there is not one proven example of the supernatural here on Earth. Nothing. Now’s. Zilch. Not one example. If it can’t be proven that out of all the mystics in every country can’t provide us with one example of their craft, why should we believe in something infinitely more complex?

If God is real then surely it follows that he created the laws of physics. The same laws of physics make it impossible for supernatural powers. For the sake of this argument let’s pretend God is real. How then does he know our thoughts? He isn’t connected to us in any shape or form. How does he juggle the thoughts of over seven billion people? Crikey must have a lot on his mind.

Think about that for a moment. How absurd is it to suggest God knows our thoughts?

God the Designer

I’m sick of hearing the Theologians banging on about morality. You can’t have morality without God. Wait a minute. I don’t see many atheists strapping bombs to their bodies and blowing up the local shopping mall. No, that’s all done in the name of God. Religious lunatics think they’re going to be rewarded by a heap load of virgins.

What crazy woman would sleep with a man that had blown innocent people to smithereens? Oh, yeah, another terrorist. Sorry, I forgot.

How rubbish is God the designer, by the way. 99% of the total species that have lived on Earth are now dead. Do you know why most of them have actually died out? Some did die out naturally or in natural disasters. Others actually evolved into different species. 

No, they didn’t go to sleep as a monkey and wake up as a human. They evolved ever so slightly over long periods of time. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The evidence is in the fossil record and DNA.

If God did design us, why did he allow his own vicars to abuse children? That was a bit of an oversight, wasn’t it? How can a deity such as him be so shortsighted? Remember he can know almost eight-billion thoughts at once.

The Finely Tuned Universe

Recently I heard the Christian author Frank Turek debating Christopher Hitchens. To be fair, Turek spoke well. He even quoted plenty of scientific facts, which he used to bolster his argument. 

Only thing is, I don’t agree with what he said. He stated that the Universe is so finely tuned that it has to be the work of a designer. What a stupid thing to say. The Universe is set out the way it is; that doesn’t necessarily mean it was designed. In fact, if it was designed then surely there would have been a bit more leeway here and there.

For example, Turek says that Saturn protects us from space dust – which it does. He’s factually correct, but a designer wouldn’t make a load of empty planets when instead all he had to do was increase the strength of our magnetic field to deflect the space dust. Again God is a really bad designer.

God is the Master of Pain and Suffering

When you look around this beautiful planet, you can’t help but see majesty and elegance on every continent. You can also see immense pain and suffering. God is the architect of it all. 

Why did God design animals that not only eat one another but do it while still alive? What rational designer would contemplate such a thought? It’s beyond immoral to create creatures that kill and eat other innocent creatures. 

The endless suffering over millions of years amounts to a tsunami of pain and suffering. God is clearly a saddest who enjoys seeing animals and humans tortured.

Even a half-witted human being would be able to see that this was a bad design. Yet God himself thought it was a good idea to create carnivores. That is beyond evil.

Before the Big Bang

Let’s explore the big question. We’ll go back almost fourteen billion years to a time before the Big Bang. God is sitting in the clouds. Oh, wait, there weren’t any clouds. There wasn’t any material. What was God made out of then? How did he come up with his otherworldly designs when he didn’t even have any material to exist out of?

We know from evolution that life starts out simple and gets gradually more complex. It took almost four billion years to get to the Cambrian explosion. That’s right, it took planet Earth four thousand million years to get sufficient biological complexity for life forms to literally explode into the wide-ranging groups of the Cambrian era.

Why did God need four billion years? Why were his designs so poor? Couldn’t he speed things up a bit? All those wasted years that humans could have been around. This designer needs sacking.

Have I Changed Your Mind?

Usually, with important questions and topics like religion, people already have their minds made up. That doesn’t mean we should give up on those folks who still sat on the fence.

For me this is simple. It’s absolutely impossible for God to be real. As I have explained, you need material to communicate. This is only one reason why supernatural powers and beings are impossible. It’s the exact same reason why ghosts can’t be real, for it’s impossible to pass a message on without having anything to hold that message. 

Every message needs a form of material to receive it. You need ears to hear, eyes to see and fingers to touch. That’s how feelings work. Regardless of which human sense we discuss, at their most basic they require material to work. How could God be any different? 

Please do let me know if you see things differently. While I might not agree with you, it is always good to talk with the opposite side. Just because we don’t agree, it doesn’t mean we need to argue with one another, does it?

Until next time. Over and out.

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