Heath Benefits of Drink 2-3 Cups Coffee a day, According to Research

Coffee is the most well-liked beverage in the world. Here is Good news for coffee lovers. In a study of the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, it is found that mild to moderate consumption of Coffee Keeps your Heart Healthy.

The Researcher of the Journal Found that those who take two or three cups daily have less risk in comparison to non-coffee takers.

Drinking Two or three cups of coffee lowered the 20% risk of Cardiovascular disease.

Caffeinated and Decaf Coffee

Generally, we use two types of coffee caffeinated (Ground and instant Coffee) and non-caffeinated coffee

Decaf is an abbreviation for decaffeinated. Usually, a cup of coffee has 3 mg of Caffeine. Above 97% of caffeine is removed from coffee in Decaf by various methods.

Caffeinated but not decaf was also found to be helpful in arrhythmia disorder. An Arrhythmia is a disorder of the Heart. In this disease, irregular heartbeat is generated.

2 to 3 Cup daily cups of Caffeinated coffee lowered arrhythmias risk by 12% to 17%.

In the Study, it is found that Both types of coffee have health benefits.

Benefits from coffee found, more research needed

In many previous studies, it is found that coffee can provide a series of health benefits including some protection from Type 2 diabetes, liver disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, and heart attack.

However, other factors are also responsible for this and it would not be correct to give full credit to coffee.

a Study of The American Heart Association Journal Circulation a fact come out that those who increasingly take caffeinated coffee saw a lower risk for heart failure.

But researchers said that there is not enough evidence to recommend coffee use to decrease the risk of heart disease like losing weight Stopping smoking or exercising

Experts say, Keep coffee intake to moderate amounts

However, there are many health concerns associated with coffee consumption such as increased anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness. Therefore, coffee should be consumed in very small amounts.

According to AHA, federal guidelines three to five 8-ounce daily cups of coffee can be part of the diet.

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