How Science Debunks Religion

People like to name drop, it’s human nature. My dad’s bigger than your dad. So what, my football team is better than yours. Who cares? James Tour is on my team. Beat that atheist!

You get the picture, atheists will hold up the wisdom of Richard Dawkins, whereas theologians use their poster boys to score points on an Internet meme or YouTube video.

In all honesty, it’s pathetic. It doesn’t matter who you bring out – there is only one truth.

People Should Think for Themselves

It’s comforting to bask in the shade of a wise man’s thoughts. That’s why we all do it regardless of which side we’re batting for. The thing is, though, we should be thinking for ourselves. Do we really need someone to tell us how life originated? Now I don’t mean the minutiae, but rather the important stuff. 

How did life occur? Either God or Mother Nature is responsible.

How Religion Fails Miserably against Science

Nothing pisses me off more than a religious scientist saying that Charles Darwin was uncomfortable with his ideas. Maybe evolution isn’t perfect, but it’s a damn sight better than religion is at explaining life on earth.

At least scientific answers are the same no matter who discovers them.

Religious answers depend on where you were born. How idiotic is that. If you’re born in Asia you have different beliefs to someone born in America. While that is understandable from a religous viewpoint, it’s not good enough for science. You can’t bend the truth to fit your ideals.

Science doesn’t care about opinion. You can’t have your religious cake and practice science correctly. The two don’t fit together. One is based on geographically-based fables, the other is built on facts.

Science only cares about the truth. Yet some religous people have the cheek to claim to be independent scientists and believe crazy talk from the Bible. How does that add up?

Morality Without Religion

The amount of theologians that say without God there can be no objective morality. Another load of nonsense. Can someone please swill these fools with a bucket of water.

Animals don’t need religion so why do we? Yes, I know we are far more advanced than cats and dogs, never mind monkeys. However, animals have evolved to fit into their environment. They’ve developed sense organs, such as eyes and ears, touch, etc. Our minds have developed to do three main things: eat, sleep and reproduce.

Point being, over time we’ve evolved naturally to have an in-built barometer of feelings. This clock of good and bad is enough for us to know the difference between right and wrong. So just like mamma bear cares for her young and will do anything to protect them, so humans care for their children and will shoot an intruder to protect them.

Most of these feelings are natural, we don’t need laws or religious education to explain them. Even a child knows the difference between good and bad.

Of course there are plenty of people who are evil. We call them psychopaths. Ironically, there are plenty of religious people who fit the mould. Just like the priests who abuse children. The Lord didn’t do much to protect those poor kids, did he?

The Modern World Needs Science

Religion once served a purpose, it had its day and two-thousand years ago it was better than nothing. It helped explain why the crops failed, plus a host of other things. Most weren’t scientifically accurate, but a wrong answer is better than no answer. It gives people hope and something to cling on to.

Times change and religion is outdated. We’ve grown past its outdated lies.

Science, on the other hand, is everywhere in our modern lifestyle. Nobody complains about it, you don’t hear the slightest whimper saying that Newton or Einstein are wrong. You can name-drop several hundred scientists whose amazing talent helps us with our daily grind. From computer chips to radios and televisions. Every important technology is science-based.

The world would stop in an instant if it wasn’t for science. And, as I said, nobody complains about it.

Actually there is one thing that science doesn’t like – Evolution.

Religion Begrudgingly Accepted Science

Theologians were seriously narked by scientific truth and enlightenment. They knew that science would debunk the nonsense written in every religious tome. It was no small coincidence that religion pushed back science for as long as it could do so. 

Now, ironically, the theists try and use science to back their case. But just like they twist reality and the supernatural, they also bend science to fit their warped world view. Christianity and science don’t sit well together. Any version of science proposed by theologians is not fit for purpose.

It’s impossible for God to appear out of thin air. Without matter you can’t have information or intelligence. This is why you need matter first and then intelligence evolves over time.

How can any scientist or intelligent human say or think that God appeared before matter? They should be locked up in a nursing home and given heavy medication.

Religion is Stupidity in Numbers

Let’s be honest, the only reason why people can talk such religious crap in today’s world is because there are plenty of others doing exactly the same. This sense of community helps people brainwash themselves.

It’s like this: “well if I’m wrong, why do six-million others believe the same?”

Just because you are one of many doesn’t mean anything. There are millions, if not billions, of stupid people. Not stupid in the sense they don’t have good jobs or are otherwise good people. It’s only their critical thinking skills that have been ruined by things out of their control, like their place of birth.

As I’ve already mentioned, if you are born in Iraq chances are you’ll be a practising Muslim. If you’re born in Israel you’ll most likely be a Jew. Why is the Muslim any more or less correct than the Jew? Truth is, neither is correct. They’re both pre-programmed to believe certain things.

How sad is it that you can’t just find out the truth on your own accord. Come to your own answers through science and understanding. Oh no, religion doesn’t allow that. You’re told what to do and what to think.

It’s not about finding the truth, it’s about suppressing it.

That’s the most stupid way of approaching life. It’s like a Russian mathematician having different answers to an Australian mathematician. You might laugh, but it’s the exact same thing. They’d be basing their beliefs and answers on where they were born and not what the facts were.

Scientists, on the other hand, would just tell the truth. They wouldn’t be so small-minded enough to get caught up in geographical constraints. Crikey no, that would be illogical.

How Can You be a Sinner for Thinking Something?

The Bible says that you are a sinner if you even think of a woman. Why are you a bad person just because you are following your natural emotions that all animals have? Animals want to reproduce. That’s why people think about the opposite sex.

Does that mean you’re a sinner? Of course not, it just means that they had to think of stupid things like this to put in the Bible. Let’s face it, they had to write something to control people and make them feel guilty.

When I was a carpenter, like Jesus, if I told my boss that I’d been thinking about building a house. He’d have said you’ve done absolutely nothing today. If you don’t do anything tomorrow you’re fired! He’d have had every right, because thinking and doing are two entirely different things.

Again, this is where fact and fiction disagree. Any logical person can see the difference between a so-called thought crime and cheating on your wife in real life.

Science Vs Religion in Summary

If nobody had thought of Jesus all those 2000 years ago, we’d probably be talking about another Son of God. The story would be different, but the lies would be the same.

The most baffling thing about it is that people are so stupid they actually believe it to be true. Now I’d be more understanding if we had proof of supernatural occurances. We don’t have one, yet people still believe. How strong does one’s faith have to be to believe in things you’ve no evidence for? Pretty strong, I guess.

What I do know is that science is absolutely amazing. From planet Earth our leading boffins at NASA can control space vehicles on Mars and do countless other mind-blowing projects. This is fact. It’s not magic or someone’s religious belief. Why do we even need God when normal everyday life is such a wonderful place to observe the world from?

When the James Webb Space Telescope launches, it is going to take our eyeballs to the next level. That will be the nearest we get to visiting heaven and it’s good enough for me.

Once our time on planet earth comes to an end, we don’t go anywhere. Our atoms will be dispersed back into the enironment, but we definitely won’t be going to heaven or hell. Those two places are as ficticious as the terrorists nightclub with the seventy-two virgins.

Heaven or Hell? They’re Both Fake as a Sasquatch

Irony is that most religious people will laugh at a terrorist for their beliefs, but think their own way of thinking is perfectly normal. As for little old me, well I don’t want to be taking sides. It’s unfair to be biased.

The best option is to be non-judgemental and label them all as fruitcakes.

In the nicest possible way, of course. 🙂

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