Human Barbie Doll – Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova

Precious, Pretty, and Partially Plastic

Human Barbie Doll – Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova
Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova – The Human Barbie Doll

The Human Barbie Doll is a fascinating real-life tale, and the facts are stranger than fiction. And she didn’t come off the Mattel production line, either. Let us explain…

Barbie Dolls are what young girls’ dreams are made of, especially in the West, and they adorn the bedrooms of many a wannabe fashionista. She’s the all-day breakfast of the doll world, and to be seen, sometimes mob-handed, alongside her mini prinny owner. She’s got more outfits than a whole series of the Kardashians. That’s common knowledge.

What people don’t know so much about is the existence of the human Barbie. Unbelievably, a human Barbie was discovered a few years ago, and she is a real-life replica of the famous doll. Yes, a young lady from Ukraine by the name of Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova looked exactly like the real Barbie doll. When the news was out about the human Barbie, many people thought it was mere Photoshop work. However, the young model was interviewed on several occasions by different journalists, and, to their amazement, she really did look like the Barbie doll. I mean, everything on her resembled the doll, – expect her size.

She resembled a Doll in Every Aspect

Human Barbie Doll – Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova
Barbie Rocking a White Bikini

One thing is for sure: Human Barbie Doll became an instant attraction to many people, and her images went viral on the internet. Many people even imagined her to be an alien. Do you know the stories of aliens? Yes, many people thought she was not a normal human being. All in all, Valeria was too real to be true and was loved and criticized by many people in equal measure.

She once famously claimed to be a Breatharian

Just like other western girls who looked at the Human Barbie doll and wished to have a similar body, Valeria did exactly that, and she worked for it since when she was a small girl. Her achievements amazed the world, but she has now changed her mind and she is doing something different. When the Ukrainian model was a small girl, now 32 years old, she used to play with Barbie dolls a lot. When Valeria was five years old, her connection with the Barbie doll became so strong that she wanted a body to resemble that of the doll. Valeria started her transformation journey to change her body to match that of the Barbie doll and she eventually made it.

From Ukraine to Worldwide Fame

If you thought that Valeria naturally looked like a real doll and her transformation journey was a walk in the park, then you are very wrong. It actually involved rigorous routine routines, a strict diet, and a couple of plastic surgeries. However, Valeria claims that her body change was largely natural and she only underwent a single breast plastic surgery.

She has claimed that her body changed to match that of the real Barbie doll because of good genes, eating the right foods, and adequate exercise, and not because of plastic surgery as alleged. Seriously? And she thought people could believe the such change could be achieved naturally? Nevertheless, her admirers believed that she was the most beautiful woman globally. Can look like a doll make someone the most beautiful woman globally? No wonder it is said that beauty depends on how you see it.

The truth is that after many years of exercise, strict diet and a couple of plastic surgeries, Valeria was able to change her body to match that of the real doll. The two looked so identical that she was nicknamed by her fans the human Barbie. She actually loved the new title and to her, that was a mission accomplished. She embraced her new looks that made her popular globally but she maintained that her transformation was purely natural. Of course, it is unbelievable that her achievements had nothing to do with a couple of plastic surgeries as she finds difficult to admit.

Valeria Removed Her Lower Ribs in Order to Become the Human Barbie Doll

Human Barbie Doll by seaside – Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova
Barbie by the Seaside

According to Valeria, she only had minor breast plastic surgery because she wanted to look great. Really? How minor was the surgery? What about her waist and other body parts that looked exaggerated? Was that as a result of rigorous workouts and strict diet with no artificial body modifications? Actually, her body changed drastically and very few people believed her narrative, though they loved her new looks.

Many people argued that she had several artificial alterations on her body and not just makeup, strict diet and workout, as she has argued. Of course, there are many people who have tried similar body transformation through natural means, and they have not been able to achieve much without altering their bodies through a series of plastic surgeries.

Valeria has maintained that her body transformation was a result of natural means that included routine workouts and proper diet. On the contrary, it is widely accepted that she has even had her ribs removed in pursuit of the perfect female form… or doll’s body.

What Type of Diet does a Barbie Doll Need?

She adopted the weird belief that human beings do not require solid food to survive. Those who believe in this notion argue that humans can survive on air and light. Really? Does it mean the human body functions as a plant and can manufacture its own food? Believe it or not, Valeria adopted this concept, and she claimed it played a great role in changing her body to match that of the real Barbie doll. But why not change into something else? Does it mean that anyone who follows her beliefs will also look like a Barbie doll? It is obvious she never gave her fans and critics facts about her body transformation in her explanations.

Real Barbie doll and the human barbie doll
Real-Barbie Doll and the Human Barbie Doll

Her Diet was Lethal From a Medical View Point

From a medical point of view, the type of diet that Valeria claimed to have used to acquire her new body shape and looks is lethal. Actually, that type of diet is not healthy and those who have adopted it in the past have starved to death. There is no way a person can live a healthy life by taking micro foods only as Valeria claimed to have done. More so, no medical studies have been conducted to prove the type of impacts such diet can have on a body. It, therefore, means there is no assurance that Valeria just relied on light and air to acquire the body shape of a Barbie doll as she claimed.

Valeria is no longer fond of her Barbie doll looks

As it is said, everything has its own season and Valeria is no longer fond of her Barbie doll looks after all the publicity she gained. Actually, she has abandoned her appearance as a human Barbie and today she looks completely different. More so, the model has adopted a new diet and workouts. Believe it or not, she now looks healthier than before. However, her fans are yet to accept that Valeria no longer looks like the Barbie doll. Many people wonder what could be her next goal after such an abrupt body change. Could she be working on a new surprise?

The Human Barbie Doll was Beaten Up by Two Men

Sadly for Valeria, being the human Barbie doll isn’t always a positive thing. She was recently beaten up by two Ukrainian men in her hometown of Odesa. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Valeria said:

“It happened in a flash. They hit me on the head, several times on my jaw, then one of them began strangling me. If it wasn’t for my neighbor, who suddenly appeared, I don’t know what would have happened. They saw her and ran away.”

Thankfully Valeria has been lucky on this occasion and her injuries have now healed; she has since returned from her hospital bed and is back to her normal self. She had been receiving threats for approximately two years, but this was the first time she had been harmed physically.

Girls take note, being beautiful does have pluses, but it also attracts jealous weirdos who stalk people. Keep your social media settings set to private and don’t accept invites from anyone unless you know them.

Human Barbie Doll in Hospital After Being Attacked by Two Men in Ukraine
Human Barbie Doll in Hospital After Being Attacked by Two Men in Ukraine

What Next for the Human Barbie Doll?

Well, it seems Valeria – Human Barbie Doll has changed her lifestyle and she is now working on something different. She is working on her body to acquire an Amazonian look and the Barbie doll is a thing of the past. Additionally, the model has ventured into music, as a professional musician, and acting.

Makeup or no makeup, Valeria now looks completely different from the human Barbie. There are allegations that she has as well become a cyberbully. She has been accused of saying other women are ugly and do not meet her standards of beauty on the internet. For instance, she is accused of saying the popular actress Jessica Parker has a horse face.

It seems she has forgotten that hers was not a natural beauty but a result of body alterations. Who knows, maybe it is Valeria’s new publicity stunt. Nevertheless, the good thing is that Valeria is now eating and she is no longer straining her body like before. For the human Barbie Doll, nothing is straightforward, as you might imagine.

Her story is like that of human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves – the Brazilian-born TV celebrity.

Human barbie doll in a gold bikini and black short
Human barbie doll in gold bikini and black short

The Ukrainian Human Barbie Doll

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