Director James Gunn marries Jennifer Holland in an outdoor ceremony After 7 years of Dating

Film producer James Gunn and actress Jennifer Hollande got married last week. Newly married couple share their wedding photos on social media on Friday. Actress Jennifer Hollande and filmmaker James Gunn recently tied the knot in a private ceremony. James Gunn posted the wedding photos on Instagram on Friday evening and revealed that the Marvel vs. DC softball game was played at the wedding festivities.

Jennifer wore a white gown to a wedding ceremony, while James wore a green suit to his wedding. Instagram photos show that the ceremony took place on a farm. The first picture shows the newlyweds’ first kiss, followed by a video of the wedding ceremony. Solo photos of the couple have surfaced, giving a good look in the couple’s wedding dress. Sharing the pictures on an Instagram post, James wrote, “After over 7 years of being together, I have finally found my undefined Married to the love of life. What a beautiful, incredible, amazing day surrounded by the most amazing family and friends in the world.

James Gunn Marries Jennifer Holland one year after the engagement

Actress Holland and James first met in July 2015 and are now married after dating for over seven years. The first meeting was through a mutual friend. The two spent about seven hours together and the process went on like this. James Gunn has directed both Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad. James married Jenna Fischer six years ago and they divorced in 2008. James got engaged to 35-year-old Jennifer in February.

Actress Jenifer Holland is known for her acting as Emilia Harcourt in The Suicide Squad. Jennifer played the role of Ashley in American Pie.

James Gunn shares details from his marriage

Gun shared every detail with the fans. Those present in the wedding ceremony participated in a Marvel vs. DC softball game. The Newlyweds and guests who attended the wedding ceremony of janes Gunn and Jennifer Hollande had loads of fun.

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