National Love Your Pet Day is Here!

February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day – it’s the perfect day to show your furry friend some love. Just don’t do it doggy style if you’ve got a cat. I’m sure your kitty cat wouldn’t approve of a bowl of dog food instead of tuna. Then again, some cats will eat anything, especially if it smells like rotten fish from the alley dumpster.

The question is, though, how do you know that your pet loves you back? The truth is you don’t. It’s not like you can go and ask it. Maybe a squirrel or ferret interpreter is available on the Internet somewhere. How about the Darknet market place? They sell all sorts on there. Awe well maybe not, so get kennelled up with your dog on the sofa for once. Poodle Doodle deserves a bag of beef crisps and a full box set of Dog The Bounty Hunter DVDs. That’s my calculated guess from past pet experience.

National Love Your Pet Day
Love Your Pet Day

Too Many Plastic Pet Lovers

Look, I’m just going to tell it like it is. While I’m not claiming to be the perfect pet owner myself, not that I’ve had a pet for a while anyhow. One thing I always did properly was walked my dogs every day. You see there are plenty of people who claim to love their pets, but in reality, there is small-case love and LOVING your pet PROPERLY.

It doesn’t even cost anything, apart from your personal time, to walk a dog. That’s the sad thing about seeing dogs looking glum because they don’t get walked. We can all say we love something, but talk is cheap. Exercising a dog properly shows that you really do love your pooch. In all honesty, I just can’t live with a dog and not walk it. If anything, the last dog I looked after, but wasn’t actually mine, was walked a bit too much and her joints hurt occasionally.

National Love Your Pet Day
Fan Fest Love Your Pet Day

Laziness is the Height of Ignorance

You can say what you like, but to me, it’s the height of ignorance to buy a pet and not look after it properly. After all, the poor thing relies on you – its owner – to do everything for it. Imagine if your life was in the hands of some fat lazy twat! Not nice, eh? So next time you see a lazy dog owner, tell them the truth if they aren’t living up to the job.

Seriously, you won’t believe the arguments I’ve had over such things. Unfortunately, though, I can’t explain the full details here, as much as I’d love to because it boils my blood that the dog in question had a sad life – and unnecessarily so. That’s evil ex-wives for you. Oh, did I say I wouldn’t spill the beans? Never mind.

National Love Your Pet Day

What is Your Pet Plans?

Truthfully the best party your pet can wish for isn’t just to be loved for one day, but to be loved for a lifetime. Now there are millions of awesome pet owners out there, and credit to them. On the other hand, however, there is cowardly scum who beat animals and leave them out in the cold. It’s tragic. No animal deserves to be treated like that. Pity that the owners don’t get their just deserts and end up getting battered themselves.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the mistreated animals did a Harry Potter-style magic trick and turned into a 6’4″ American Pit Bull?

Right, Douchebag, I’m home… get my bones done for tea!

Unfortunately, life isn’t that fair, is it? Instead, the sad losers usually get away with things. Not always, though. The RSPCA or equivalent in America does a grand job of saving animals. And to be fair, I wouldn’t like the job they do. It can’t be easy confronting horrible people on a daily basis.

Scumbag in Romania Mistreat His Loving Pitbull Terrier

Imagine living somewhere like Romania. Yes, where I live in the North East of England has a reputation for animal cruelty, but in Romania, a lad gave his pitbull sleeping tablets, then skinned it alive while it was asleep. He didn’t even get charged! Yet he should be serving a life sentence if there was a just God. What a thug. Hopefully, he will die in agony one day.

On a More Positive Note – a Beautiful Old Retriever

National Love Your Pet Day
Retriever with Rose in Mouth Looking Pensively at its Owner

Rabbit, Hamster, Kitten, and Toy Dog Cuteness

National Love Your Pet Day
Rabbit, Hamster, Kitten and Puppy

Delightfully Cheeky Puppy Eating a Kitten Whole

National Love Your Pet Day
Puppy and Kitten Love

This Dog Loves its Owner Wholeheartedly

National Love Your Pet Day
Dog Cuddling up to Owner

Did Someone Say, “It’s Love Your Pet Day?”

National Love Your Pet Day
Love Your Pets – Cat and Reluctant Puppy Meet for First Time

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