To look hot, Kim Kardashian wore such a dress, it was difficult to move; jumped upstairs

kim kardashian silver gown

Kim Kardashian Dress Struggle: Recently, a video of Hollywood’s famous actress Kim Kardashian is viral on social media, in which she is seen struggling a lot in her hot dress. Some people are also trolling after watching this video of her. Often actresses do a lot to make themselves look hot and beautiful. Sometimes they … Read more

Know the reason!! Why Angelina Jolie refused to kiss Johnny Depp onscreen.

Angelina Jolie refused to kiss Johnny Depp

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have amazing chemistry with each other on the screen. Both are Hollywood’s well-known entertainers. Angelina and Johnny worked together in the film ‘The Tourist’. Since then, fans of both are waiting to see them again on the big screen. However, did you have any idea that Angela refused to kiss … Read more