Scary Prison Stories on YouTube from Ex-Cons

There are some interesting new Scary Prison Stories channels taking off on YouTube. I’ve been following just three of them myself, though there are plenty more if you’re interested in this type of thing.

What are they good for?

  1. They’re interesting if you like crime stories.
  2. They are good knowledge for anyone about to go to prison.
  3. If you’re unsure just have a look and see for yourself!

Lockdown 23and1 by Josh AKA Death

As you can see from the picture, Josh is just a young guy that likes to have fun. He’s not some scary-ass criminal, but rather a family man who is now living his life the right way. He’s trying to inspire others by showing that there is a better way to live your life.

Josh was a prison tattooist, which by his own admission got him some privileges, but also ensured he had to be careful not to fall into any traps. Whenever you are popular in prison it can be a double-edged sword. People get jealous, they try and trip you up or do thousand-and-one other things that they will try and do for the daftest reasons imaginable.

Hit this link for a selection of Josh’s videos.  Lockdown 23 and 1

Shaun Attwood AKA English Shaun – The Ecstasy Kingpin

From Shaun’s earlier pictures you’d never imagine that someone with his schoolboy looks could be a crime boss. Yep, he’s also a smart guy and his business education and career as a stockbroker got him off on the right foot in life. He invested wisely in the Internet boom of the late nineties and was soon a millionaire.

With money comes power and influence. Shaun set up in Arizona where he was living as a rave promoter and that’s when he got involved in the ecstasy dealing business.

Shaun is now a YouTuber where he tells scary prison stories of rape – with lightbulbs getting smashed in people’s anuses. Yes, you heard that correctly. Not something you’d want to experience, eh? He also works on the speaking circuit as an activist and he’s also a prolific author. He has written about his own adventures as well as books on Pablo Escobar, for example.

Shaun’s story has been featured on the popular National Geographic channel Locked Up Abroad called “Raving in Arizona.” Check out his YouTube channel that he runs under his own name: Shaun Attwood. There are plenty of stories that are both factual and interesting at the same time. One of his latest books is about Two Tonys – a Mafia Hitman – who took Shaun under his wing in the prison system.

One of Shaun’s best friends, who you often hear about, is Wildman or Peter if you must know his real name. He was an enforcer and all-round protector for Shaun while he was up to no good in Arizona. Wildman looks much more like his name would suggest in his old prison mug shots and long hair. He also had a partner called, you guessed it, Wild woman. 🙂

Joe Guerrero – After Prison Show

Joe is also another prison tattooist, same to Josh above, which must no doubt help their creativity when running a YouTube channel. After Prison Show is possibly the biggest of its kind on YouTube, with over a million subscribers at the time of writing.

You can check Joe’s Instagram out for his latest pics of him and his buddies. He often interviews ex-cons with interesting backgrounds and stories to tell, like a man who has just done 40 years inside. Wowzers! That’s some porridge.

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